Friday, June 08, 2007

wakey uppey time

Good morning all,
I know I am remise again.
I'm working the "ranch" alone for a couple of days....and I don't like it. So there!
Not that I don't love to go away myself once in a while....but there is a lot to do, and it is a good thing we have summer daylight late. Somehow I don't feel a bit sorry for my long-suffering husband, feeding and watering all MY sheep while I am gone. I should. It's a lot of work when you are alone.

Down here in the almost south, you can't refer to your "farm" if you don't raise crops.
Well, we can't even raise good hay, let alone crops. We tried doing a garden the year of the 17 year drought....Pat watered that sweet corn twice a day, and got it about a foot high before the cows came from three miles away and ate it. That cured us.
How could cows three miles away find sweet corn in the woods?????

Well, it is raining right now....real blessed rain.....wheee!
We needed rain for a week now. Usually that stuff stops falling from the sky in the summer. Right now the "sahara" pasture...named for the way it looked in the 17-year-drought, has real grass growing along the sand. It's not really dirt like you have in crop growing is the silt deposited by centuries of flooding from sinkin', our creek. If you can find a pinch of it to pick up in your looks more like sand crystals. The silt does not hold moisture like real dirt does. So three days after a rain the "ground" starts to harden and crack.
This is the area the sheep are in over the winter. We have big crop circles where the round bales were in the winter.... some have already been cleaned up, and where the hay bales were, there are big green circles of green grass sprouted.

Sheep love grass. I would love to let this grass grow a little, but as I have mentioned, we have two rams missing. The most recent was an adult, a week ago. The only critter down here that doesn't eat it's catch on the spot is a big cat. My local farmer calls them wild cats....but there is no such the ones we see that are smaller must be the young ones. I will say having had two missing, does tend to put a crimp in what I feel free to do outside.

Oh, and the rain?.... we are the only ones who haven't had our hay cut and baled....but I would rather have rain on the grass than hay in the barn.
We can play what is this? The photo posted is Plenty....she was born this lighter color. If I had a grey ram, I would say she was double Ag....but since I don't she must be AgAa.... she will be a musket. Now the game consists of what to call her marking. He he heh....According to the Sue Russo cencus....she may be a sholmet? white face on any other color? There are no real face markings. her dam is just a grey, her sire a spottie. Do you have a lamb that looks like this one?
She may just be a musket when she grows. I once had a bioget...but he was an Ag too.
Hope your lambs are growing like weeds.....and your grass is too.
Oh, and the title....that was what I yelled at my growing children to get them up for school. Wonder they didn't throw things at me....well, maybe they did. That was a long time ago.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Nancy K. said...

She is beautiful Mary Ellen! What a pretty ewe lamb. Of course, I've grown to be particularly fond of muskets & greys at this stage of the game. Funny, since I breed for HSTs.

I can't see sholmet, since Plenty's face isn't really white, it's spotted. But she sure is gorgeous!

Good luck with the missing sheep ~ I hope it doesn't happen again!

At 2:32 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

I'm gonna say Sponget... because someone took a sponge, dipped it in white, and dabbed her all over with it. Yeah, no one thinks Sponget means that, but my illogical brain says it makes perfect sense to me...hehehe...


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