Sunday, June 10, 2007

boo hoo

Where did this post go? Anyone else missing a post?

Everyone must be busy this weekend....they don't want to play. Smirslet far as I can see.
So I will introduce a couple of our cats who came south from Wisconsin. We called them pierce county orange cats. Because their mother came with the farm, and had single handedly populated that corner of the world with her grown orange kittens. While we moved in she had two quick litters of five kittens each....only one was female....and then before those last kittens were weaned moma...aptly named not-so-lucky, became a cat rug on the highway.
We fixed all the kittens to keep them from straying....but we are down to two now. This is Hex...he is our expensive cat....poisoned himself one day....and we ran him into a city emergency clinic.
And Nosey, named for his unusual noises from a previous bite thru his nose....he takes after his name by following us on any walks in the woods.

Then there is the old cabin fireplace....the rams like to nap near it because it has some coolness.
What I was trying to capture, is the Catalpa trees blooming. Someone who lived here must have liked Catalpa trees. They planted them near any buildings. I don't understand why someone who had to watch for snakes under their feet....would plant a tree that dropped speckled snake-like seed pods....oh well. They are really late blooming, because all the leaves froze off in the late freeze. But the leaves and now there....and so are the blossoms. It's a heady perfume, but not as great as the witch hazel.
Have a great weekend.


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