Wednesday, May 30, 2007

love 'em

I have been discussing rams. Good ones, bad ones.
How could I not love this boy?

He is not a friendly ram, I was out pulling a fleece sample off him, and took several photos of his fleece parted. He just stood there wondering why I was there. I wouldn't jump over my fence with him right there....he has some weight to him, and I don't pet him, he makes a head move to knock my hand away. I'm not sure why he put his chin in my hand....maybe he just wanted a good picture of himself.

I don't consider Hopalong to be my best ram...the best two are now towards the bottom of our compost pile. Sorry, I miss them anyway. But Hopalong does what he can to produce his type of spots on his lambs.
I have a few new yearling boys who may turn out better lambs....but they are young yet, and we'll have to watch them.
So if Hopalong isn't my best ram....what do I do now? Oh, I'll still breed him to girls. I know what he is capable of now. His personality won't get him least not today.
He is turning out some calm lambs....that's nice. You would think ram number 3 could get promoted to the top when one and two are gone....but I think number one ram has to be earned by breeding consistently better lambs over a few years.

But he is cute isn't he?
Danged if I'll replace a nice ram with a high priced A-I technician and some sponges....My girls don't get many holes in them....I like it that way.


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