Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm back!

Boy oh boy, I think I really like shows.
First, the show in Sedalia is put on by a really nice group of people. Count on sheep people to be fun and pleasant. Seems like everyone was a big group of friends.
We had a fun Judge too George Harrell from Indiana was nice enough to make the long drive, and taught two classes on growing and grading wool. Really good stuff from a professional who has been in this field for over 30 years.
If it sounds good....he will be coming back next year too, I was told.
The show was held in the state fair grounds, so we had nice new buildings, and nice camping facilities....without the state fair crowds.
The Hopkins family, including grandmom, came from Indiana, and it was so fun to compare notes....even though we were competing...the entire family helped me show my sheep too. How is that for midwest nice! Thanks folks! They took top places, but I had a fair number of seconds. My little two month ram held his own, by taking reserve champion and top honors for best fleece.
For folks who don't know the history of spotted shetlands. The fleeces were really in question a few years ago. Many breeders turned to A-I to cross-breed their spotties, to correct the fleeces. I didn't go that route....since I mostly grew my own spots....and have taken two best fleece of show ribbons I am very happy that a spotty breeder can also produce nice fleeces.
At least if I grow small shetlands they have nice fleeces.
Got to go out and check sheep, but I'll go into shows another time.


At 4:34 AM, Blogger Karen B. said...

Well, this sounds like it was fun- And congratulations on your fine showing, what's the next stop on the show circuit?

At 4:55 PM, Blogger Nancy K. said...

Congratulations Mary Ellen! Excellent job on getting those soft fleeces into the spotted lines. You should be VERY proud of yourself.


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