Friday, May 11, 2007

garden of eden

Don't you just love blogs? Where you can write about anything you please.

We have found another garden of eden....right across the creek. Now you understand the water in the creek is only a few inches deep today. We live on a creek called "sinkin'" because the water sinks. In Missouri we have lots and lots of rocks. It seems the water may be still running, but under the creek bed.

So the sheep, even the smallest lambs, can jump thru the water in the creek and go out to the garden of eden. Did you know that there was a book written about finding the garden of eden in Trempealeau county Wisconsin? Yup, I have even read it. That, because my ancestors lived in Trempealeau county for a while....well, mostly, some of them settled Trampealeau county. Well, some of them were there before that, but that's another story.

I digress.
However you spell that. I bought an old school dictionary at a garage sale last weekend. I really miss my unabridged dictionary....also bought at a garage sale....but I wasn't supposed to bring anything heavy down to Missouri. I suppose that included my collection of City Directories from Minneapolis in the 30's and 40's....they are about as big as an unabriged dictionary....well I brought them anyway.

Back to the garden of eden. I am including a photo from yesterday. If I told you I would send photos, and I am slow to get them, you will understand. I go out to photograph sheep, and I can hear them, but I can't see them,

Last night we had a thunderstorm come in just before feeding time. We feed a sweet grain mix to the sheep before it gets dark. It makes them all want to come in by the barn, and then we can close them into pastures close by for the night. Well, as I started to fill my bucket with grain....I could see cloud to ground lightening coming straight down at the end of the valley. So I hurried, but I still sent my wonderful, helper husband across the creek to make sure no one was lost. I knew the rain would be falling soon. I was out in the pasture by the barn when it hit.
This is the fist time I heard the lightening before the flash. There was a click or a snap.....then there was a deafening boom. Everyone ran....the stragglers ran, the cats ran...I husband ran. Boy, I am guessing that was the lightening grounding on the metal fence. I'm glad I wasn't holding the fence....The little lost lamb that my husband found out in the meadow almost went through the fence trying to get back in one big hurry.
Well, we made it thru that shower...a half inch in about 10 minutes.
I'll move a little quicker the next time I see cg' my storm chasing children call them. By the way, this is a full grown ewe and one or both of her lambs, taking a little rest in the grass.
We had two ewes lamb safely yesterday. One single, and twin yuglets....I'm glad I found them already on the ground.


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