Sunday, December 17, 2006

spots outside the box

I know...I miss photos too. when I last took my camera outside the batteries said... cold! And immediately died.
So I will have to find some photos to illustrate my spotting trends here.
Boy, that took a long time....I couldn't find the place where I kept the photo.
These are Crissy's twins in 2006. Crissy was registered as a sponget....I can see the sponget in her face....but her body is kind of a mottled shaela color. Crissy is single coated, I don't know why....I bought her as a yearling.
Let's discuss the photo. Ram lamb on left is moorit and white, a yuglet flecket. The odd thing I find in this ram is the brown shoes on his feet. Now, fleckets can have spots anywhere....but he had a coordinated form of shoes on his four feet.
Of course, his twin, tu-tu....hasn't got the same markings. She has more refined and "perfect" markings from her mom and dad.....bigger black eye patches, ring around her neck that goes down her chest too....and a mostly solid black body. Now....a couple of years ago, I did some research into the names for spotted markings on shetlands. I found older breeders who called this form of spotting on tu-tu "fronet". However, I found the community of Shetland breeders were unwilling to use that term, and prefered to call this form of marking by a long string of names....thus: tu-tu would be yuglet, bielset or bronget, and sokket. I had to give up my research and conform to the more common terms used. Why would breeders prefer to use several names unstead of one? You figure it out.
What appears to make tu-tu more interesting is her polka-dots on her feet. Do other sokkets have polka-dots too? way to the polka-dot a smaller form of her twin brother's shoe-markings?...perhaps. It could be a "leaking" of the flecket spotting into tu-tu's more solid markings. Now according to common mis-conceptions....this pair of twins couldn't happen....fleckets are considered to be a different form of spots. Well, I have had lots of these pairs....which makes me a big sceptic of the "need" to only breed solid body spots. I guess I consider it impossible. If breeders continue to breed for spots....I expect that question will be answered, one way or the other.
On the prior genetics end of the question....Crissy has other yuglet sokket off-spring....and yuglet fleckets, too....this set of twins had a moorit yuglet sokket sire.
However, I know that the concept of shoes is carried by Crissy. I am using another ram from Crissy. I think he is three now. Captain is solid moorit. He has a swirling smirslet face and is not a sokket. He does have white markings on the back of each back leg. These markings come where a sokket would lie....but do not go all around the leg. Captain can , and has, had lambs with sokkets on all four legs. But, he has also had many with two back legs that show white. Sometimes even one white back foot. Captain, as Crissy's son....has also given me several lambs with shoes. Only on their back feet. I showed one ewe lamb at naile who appeared to have cow-girl boots on....the white markings were so exact.
Captain continues to breed here because he also has a solid dark moorit fleece at three. No white hairs. He has got to be one of the ugliest little rams I have...but he seems to put nice spots and fleeces on his lambs. As long as he stays brown....he can stay here.


At 6:32 AM, Blogger Bill Stearman said...

I, too LOVE the concept of shoes. Very striking as lambs! Do they remain as pronounced as they mature?

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Karen B. said...

So...where do I get a Shetland with shoes?

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Juliann said...

Incredibly exciting leg markings on the moorit spottie, Peeps.
LOVE those spots!


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