Friday, August 11, 2006

blessed rain

It is sprinkling here this morning. The first sign of rain we have had since the beginning of July. We have had rain...all around. It just didn't come down in this valley. The pastures close to the barn are brown...they are past yellow....the ground is showing through. I'm not sure they will come back this fall. Maybe if we get some rain during the winter. The sahara....fondly named last summer during the 17 year drought, has some green on is all new volunteer grass. If we could get another sprinkle this week...that will come back...and maybe something in the hay fields to the west. The hay fields will provide some winters grazing for the girls. All I need is about three rolls of fencing to finish the south side. I can skimp on posts by using the trees along the edge. That may also help keep the fence upright in case of flash flood....Which tends to drop 50 or 100 feet of fence when rushing past the pastures.
Waiting for the heat to lessen....and for the clouds to drop rain here...where we live, has made me wonder why the rain hasn't fallen on my little strip of grass.
I'm guessing it must be the higher powers tellng me to get rid of some sheep.
Of course, I had already written that I couldn't do that....they were too nice, some very friendly, all have the genetics to produce nice spotting....and my lambs are....well MY lambs.
There you go...sometimes we can't even make up our own minds.
On the subject of ram lambs....had to change the subject. I have a yuglet flecket black and white ram...nice...shy...first lamb for dam, she is one of those big white spot sheep....only showing black spots on her ears. She is tiny...a yearling...he is short but filling out, I expect him to be a normal size. His sire is a brown yuglet flecket...from a line that may not iset. He has a half brother going on three who is very even in tone. Which is what keeps saving his rear....when I look at culling rams.
I also have a small yuglet sokket ram....mainly black body....dam has a nice fleece, she was a yuglet flecket but carrys Ag...her twin was an hst black. The ram is from a yuglet sokket moorit sire, so he carrys moorit. Thsi ram has a flecket twin, they both have nice horns...(but the twin has dramatically wide white horns) although he may only carry hst ....I can't be sure if he is not bred.
I have a hst musket...nope...moorit wonder his body looked dark....I would swear i parted his fleece and saw musket....but maybe his brother looks too much alike......nice dark body...strong yuglet sokket markings. His dam is a musket yuglet sokket. His sire a moorit yuglet sokket. His twin is also a yuglet musket......but the body is not as well defined.
I have a nice dark moorit krunet ram....he is from a line of smirslets...his sister is a smirslet. He has nice wide horns. A pleasant personality....gets out of my way. I just know he will produce hst lambs....but I may not have an opportunity to try him.
That's just mentioning a few...who could be used in test breedings.
Thanks to all who mentioned how dumb I was getting heat stroke. I was out all afternoon in 99 or better. I had on a hat....I was chasing sheep....and carrying lambs...who now weigh as much as an elephant! What I didn't notice was that I stopped sweating.....not good I guess. Anyway, I got a great lunch out of it the next day....amazing how nice it is to eat out!!!!!
As soon as I resigned myself to selling a bunch of great ewes....we got three inches of rain.


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Emporium said...

Mary Ellen,
I hope you get lots and lots of rain soon. Cutting back on sheep is the hardest thing to do. But, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

"His dam is a musket yuglet sokket. His sire a moorit yuglet sokket. His twin is also a yuglet musket......but the body is not as well defined. I have a nice dark moorit krunet ram....he is from a line of smirslets.."

This is a totally foreign language to me - I'm guessing the terminology comes from the part of the country where your sheep originated. You really DID have a lot to learn, didn't you? I'm proud of you, Dear Friend.

Just me, back in NJ...


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