Monday, March 03, 2008

the spring movement

I like the sounds of this one better.
Yes, there have been plenty of geese flying north...I hope they don't freeze.
The witch-hazel blooms opened the warm day we had. Yummy!
I am still amazed at the smell of witch-hazel. I even heard two distant "peepers" this morning. There weren't many of them coming out of hibernation. they will freeze too.
No flowers. No lambs yet.
No grass peeking out at me....
The ram's dam is running over, causing a wide stream of cold water behind the barn. It's OK....the ewes wouldn't go far in this rain anyway, so I kept them in today.
The rain is coming down heavily. The temperatures have dropped 20 degrees since morning. If it wasn't raining so hard....I'm sure it would be freezing and sleeting. Perhaps the energy is being held above freezing for a few hours. Then who knows what will happen?
I would tell you how many inches, but my rain gauge froze in the last sleet storm, and won't hold water any more. I'm not putting a new one out until this storm is done.
I did go out and pick up more bales of hay this morning in the driving rain. I hate not having enough food for an extended ice storm. All the girls are in the barn. I did have one ewe standing outside. Cotton candy. She has always avoided a full barn. Last year she would make her ewe lambs stand out in the rain too. I decided she would freeze solid after the temps got a bit lower. So I went out and put a pen in front of the barn, forcing her in. There are water buckets in the pen. The doors on the barn are wide open, because of the strong winds. Both great pyrs are staying in the barn...sleeping in the hay. It is lots warmer in there than on the damp cement porch of our house.
I am wishing you lots of joy this lambing season. I hope your weather warms and your lambs are lively. I am looking forward to lamb races when the ice melts. Got to keep positive. At least I still have electricity. I panic when storms come in here. Do we have enough food? What if I can't cook? So I always bake cookies before the electric power goes off. They help keep me calm.
Have a cookie....spring will come.
Heck with the political races....I vote for spring!


At 9:50 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

HAHA! Forget the cookies, I grind the coffee and make a double shot of espresso and leave it in the glass holder...that way no matter what, I can have my morning coffee while dealing with a power outage. So, next time, I'll split my espresso with you if you'll share your cookies with me. Deal???


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