Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the end

Well, at least I hope
it's the end of this winter.

Yes, it would seem that they do have winter in Missouri. This is our first one here. I would be happy to go farther south to avoid another one.
We had at best estimate...that is with a ruler....about 7 inches of fresh snow. That snow fell after the freezing rain and the sleet. Yes, I can walk....I notice the dogs are staying in the paths we have made to the barn. The goose does come up to the house, noisily asking for bread. The sheep don't seem to like it much, although they will eat the snow.
We live in the middle of a valley. We could go out to the road in either direction, depending on the water level, and the wash-outs. But the road crews have split this road into two districts. So one road crew comes and turns around, and the other does the same from the other direction. In bad weather one might come by faster than the other. And sometimes it seems neither one comes. We hate being iced in-flooded in-snowed in. Last night we were lucky. One of the road crews worked late into the night and plowed up to our house. Hurray!
We both went out in the snow to catch our pyr puppy, who thinks any truck is an intruder, and wants to challenge road crews. It was a good thing to grab Sugar....that's her picture. The road crew got stuck....and it took a long time before they could dig and rock the dump truck out of the snow. I know they had to divide the road in two parts because neither crew wanted to have to work on the whole thing. We are....remote.

On the Sugar fact sheet. She is actually a year old....but puppy-dumb. Our older dog tries to tell her what to bark at, and what to run after. Sugar has her own set of rules. One of her rules is to keep an eye on the front door when she is sleeping. To that end she has taken to sleeping in the yard. Sleeping on the porch must be out of her realm of understanding. So here is Sugar....curled up in the snow....she also curls up in the rain. I tried to move her inside several times. Well, not actually into the house, I do have some furniture since she moved out. My dining room table does have three legs now....I really want to keep four legs on my chairs.


At 6:16 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

Your sense of humor is delightful! I can almost (but not quite) picture you battling to save your furniture from the dog. Actually, our daughter has a new Sheltie and he's a pip, alright. He's still only 4 or so months old, but this dog want to be TOP DOG of everything and everyone. He's adorable and way too smart! She just told us he jumps up on the coffee table, the kitchen chairs - to reach the kitchen table, of course - and more. He's quite the imp.
Your photos are wonderful - but I understand being totally tired of winter weather. Especially since you thought you were escaping winter by moving to Missouri!
Well, we're moving to the mountains of PA so we'll certainly have MORE wintery weather than we have here in NJ. But we'll also be close to our daughter & her family. Yipee!!!

At 5:03 AM, Blogger bopeep said...

Hurray...hurray, you did it!!!!
Great work!
That's got to be closer to us right?


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