Monday, May 21, 2007

time to be done

Our last little yearling lambed this morning. She had a moorit smirslet ram lamb. I was kind of sad, because it is hard to sell a ram lamb born this late. I hate to see them just born and already contemplate their demise.
Well, that was a kind of depressed way to start a blog. I did take a prior to end-of-lambing break and went to Minnesota to visit with our children celebrating their first anniversary....YAAYYY
I got to visit with my brother and his wife....and even went to the historical library.
Books! What a lovely thing. I couldn't find the mircrofilm I needed to see....well they didn't find the book I wanted either....and wouldn't bring out 7 boxes for me....oh well. I'll maybe get back later this year. I have been working on this particular family line for 25 years...a few more won't make much difference.

I haven't figured out how many lambs born yet, maybe under 80 with about 6 more ewes than rams....fortunately for the rams.
If I started out on the wrong foot writing, I can be excused since I have lost a ram lamb....really....lost!
I can't find a body, I can't find anything. I took a walk outside the pastures this for snakes...HA!....I couldn't see where I was putting my feet half the time, climbing over trees and wonder I can't see a body. There is no baaing, mom is calmly feeding her other lamb....I figure she knows he is gone....but where? We were watching for dogs, coyotes, and buzzards because we had a house cat missing for two days....he came back. My ram lamb hasn't. I can barely find the bottle baby out there in the trees. I just would like to know what happened to him....well, mysteries of life. Sometimes we have a hard time firguring out who we are and what we are doing here....I suppose a missing lamb isn't the end of the world. Just sad.


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