Saturday, December 16, 2006


For those few folks who like to look for the worst in their neighbors. I have a short note.
Don't assume you know what I am thinking. Don't assume I have a secret purpose in writing on my own blog.
It's my blog...not your's.
I do have friends, they know that I am writing to what I think might be a problem with the subject of spotted shetlands. Not to discuss anyone elses' breeding practices. You can breed green sheep. I don't care, I'll even have a perfect right to promote your own spotted green katmogets...or whatever you breed.
Good for you! I may want one someday.
I simply miss the discussions of spots as exciting marvels of creation. They do not all fit into one box.
And while we are at it.... there is entirely too much emphasis on "political correctness" in our world.
Stand your either hot...or cold....otherwise we may all wake up one day to find another culture has over-come us/US without a fight.
Merry Christmas!


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