Wednesday, July 12, 2006 four

Good moning anyone out there,
We have gotten a little rain here the last two days. Which is great!...some stuff out there that looks like grass is looking a little green now.
Northwind is on day four....she is down to $30.00. Last day to consider her is tomorrow....then I have to decide who to try next.

My sheep ran away yesterday...I am VERY unhappy with them. And I mean away....I followed a ewe lamb who was baaing about a mile into the woods. Thinking she was caught in some wire.
When I found her she was with another ewe and two other lambs. They were grazing away in the creek bed. No one was caught...and when I tried to wave them back towards the end of my fencing....and the hole they got out of....they ran the other way.
Then I couldn't find my way back! Couldn't find a single blaze on a tree. Fortunately my husband missed me and started yelling. Seriously, I could hardly hear him. So I eventually got back...but I have to go out and look at the sheep this morning. Just to make sure they all came back.
How do sheep find their way through the woods?


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