Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day three

Day three, Windswept Northwind....now $40.00....registered, spotted genetics....good mom.
Obviously, I may be one of few....who want this ewe....that's fine. I could not cull these genetics. You have two more days to consider her purchase.

I am seeing really sad posts on the lists these days....so I am going to say for your benefit...hopefully...I do not sell a single ewe to anyone without other sheep. They are not dogs...they are a flock animal. Just imagine how sad that ewe or ram is after leaving mom and their flock to be stuck all by themselves with only a human for companionship.
Now they are not only a bad pet...you have made them, sadly, a bad sheep too.
Being a shepherd has more meaning than your bottom line....please consider the animals that have been created at your bidding.
I require at least three sheep on a farm....and I do caution about both intact rams and non-rams. Please caution your clients about the dangers of feeding rams....before you cause a child to be injured....if you think those horns hurt hitting your hip, imagine the damage they can do to a childs head. People coming from the city to a first farm, are not experienced in livestock care....and raising sheep does not necessarily give us the ability to educate them.


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