Thursday, June 29, 2006

being friends

OK, I am done being angry and upset about a few unfortunate posts.
I do however, want to go on record ....all around the say I'm sorry if my writing has offended anyone. Especially Kim, and Bill, I didn't want to make you angry, disappointed, misunderstood, vexed, or in any way impune your thoughts, ideas, plans for breeding your sheep, or new any way.
If you were not emailing me about buying bfl had no way of knowing that I was encouraging my few friends who bought them buy them. If you didn't know that I was coaxing them to spend a little more and get what they might have thought that I was poo pooing ( as my mother would say) the whole idea of cross breeding...or even breeding registered bfl sheep.
That was not the case at all... I was working through my own thoughts about why in heavens green earth I thought I wanted one in the first place!
I was steps from the phone...putting in my own order....spending money I don't have on sheep I didn't need. So if my writing seemed was because I was indeed disappointed in myself. For abandoning the little sheep I live with, and getting caught up in another breed I know I couldn't care for.
Not that other breeds of sheep are not nice....but I have learned from experience not to mix them with my little sheep.

And to the few nice folks who even got their blog identity, so they could add nice comments to my blog since then, I want to thank you personally for your understanding and support.
Thank you, Becky, and Gail, and Karen, for encouraging me to write....and Nancy L, I am so proud of you for starting a blog!....and Nancy B, you have been so kind to me since I moved to the wilds of Missouri...thank you for your offer of friendship....and for adopting Whipped Cream and Tonto.
And Nancy K....I wish you would explain to me how to add a link I could get to your blog without reading every other one first.
Say...isn't this fun? I love being able to read what's going on on different farms and look at new photos every day. Man...Nancy L has a garden that should be in magazines! And if I weren't so cheap....I would start carrying animal cookies too....Nancy K has such friendly sheep and such nice photos....besides I would eat them all....We should encourage Stephen to write a blog...he could get in trouble more than I do!
Hugs all around!


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Nancy K. said...

BEAUTIFUL wedding photos, Mary Ellen!
Just so you know...Stephen already has a blog ~ there's a link to it on mine....



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