Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Crap!

Not again.
Do you have days that start like this?
Why do I do it?
I don't know.
It beats what I was doing before.
Well, you all remember the little yearling ram who started out his breeding pen by breaking off the 6 inch post and getting a new bunch of girls.
Yesterday, he decided he was bored. We have all seen the signs that the breeding charm is worn off. No one seems ready, the rest are done. What will your ram do with himself in the meantime? It seems that mine decided to butt everything in sight. Unfortunately, that included girls trying to reach the hay in front of his nose, and the poor trees inside his pen. After a few hours of thump, thump, thump, this shepherd decided she didn't like mr ram any more. I took him out and made a note of when I could safley expose his girls again. Since it was raining.....hurray!....I put him in a new pen I had constructed for my show ram. This time of year shetland rams like to play king of the pasture....which has on several occasions caused unnecessary bleeding and horn problems. Thus, I constructed a safe place for my yearling ram to stay until Naile. Well, mr-I-like-to-butt neatly de-constructed that same pen over night. I awoke to no ram in pen, and an open gate into the ewe pasture. There were several other signs of over-night ram-play. Punched out fence sides. Broken off panel fasteners. Pink ram's heads. And I went over to see if I could find any rumpled butts in the barn.
It's been raining, but I found my wayward ram inside the barn with a couple of interested ewes....and I removed him to the far side of the creek. There he can fend off other bored boys, and run away from mrs cat. Haaa! Serves him right!
Dang rams. Scratch mr-yuglet-sokket-in-black off next years breeding pens. I don't like him anymore. Five months from today, I had better not find my non-breeding girls scratching holes in the barn straw....or mrs shepherd will finish what mrs cat has left.
I sure do miss my head ram.
Hope all your ewes are frisky, and all your rams, gentlemen.


At 10:17 AM, Blogger shepherdchik said...

I am having this same problem. I'm about to haul the whole lot of rams into town to the locker and start fresh next year. Boy they are naughty right now.


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