Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is today?

It's about three days after Windchime was bred....I should write that on the calendar. Unfortunately, I often write the possible breeding dates on my calendars only to throw them away before I need that information.
Are you breeding sheep yet?
Why not?
In the north country, I used to put my rams in with my girls in November. Down here, in perpetual fall country, it seems the girls are ready sooner. It must have more to do with the level of the sun---not the temperatures. Although, I did notice the first morning under 60 the girls were frisky. It's not even November, and I'll bet a third of the penned girls have ruffled backsides. Sometimes, I notice. Sometimes I don't.
We have almost worked our way thru the 50 bales of alfalfa hay. We bought it so the girls would have more inclination to breed. Our own hay is mostly red clover. They like it....but it contains can mess with sheep breeding. I ran out for a few days and threw them clover anyway....Only two of my pens have grazing....I have to feed them something!
What has changed in your life? In mine, I have sold and moved over a dozen sheep. Wow....I really can sell some of my sheep. It is amazing how the fields can look so full of sheep after that.
I have finally thrown our great pyr puppy outside....and the older one too. It isn't 105 degrees anymore, and they can survive just fine outside.
The energy for the move was the day all the dogs were sleeping inside, and I heard dogs barking ourside. OK, I ran out without a dog...or a gun....and as it turned out I should have brought a collar or rope with me. I had two mongrel looking hound type dogs IN my ram pen. My big horned, four-times-larger rams were running in a group around the fence. Keeping away from the barking dogs was their intent. I coaxed one of the pups to the gate and man-handled him to the road gates. After I threw him/her outside I returned to get the other one....only to find the first climbing under the fencing to get back in. Bother!
Why don't people keep collars on their dogs? After I finally grappled them out in the road....I found a leash wound into my fencing. One of my son's quick fixes for a falling board. I made a choke chain with one end for one pup....and a choke chain for the other pup....then dragged them both into carriers already in the back of my pickup. Fortunately, the dogs didn't bite me. Didn't look like they had bit the sheep either. I drove them a couple of miles down the road and let them out with a bag of chips. Well, no it didn't solve my problem....but it was better than shooting them.
Yes, I worked on the bad fence....and threw my dogs outside too. At least they can bark to let me know my sheep have company. I have three more breeding groups to put together. I started a pen yesterday...but there is the possibility of storms later today....I'll wait 'til tomorrow to put some sheep together.
I'm down to three ewes lambs for sale, and I have three keepers in the pasture. I also have three that will go to Naile with me. Did I tell you about my fruitcake? Everyone has had their share of wild sheep. I have had this yearling in a pen and taken her out on a halter for two weeks now....she is still a fruitcake! I had the winning yearling registered, she was perfect! Then, accidentally I looked at her teeth. Her bite just didn't look perfect....everything else did!.. I figured the judge would notice. So now I have miss fruitcake to take with me. She walks fine on a halter if I am not looking at her....but let me move my hand and she is on the ground with her eyes bugging. Silly sheep!
What am I changing????? Well, I am doing the dishes. I'm picking out a color for the livingroom walls. I have plans to go north and visit before the snow flies. I have gone to look at houses. Did I tell you I collect houses? I'm down to two and an office building....I NEED another house. I already have a "hole in my head". Between breeding and lambing is the perfect time to work on a fixer-house. Nothing like a shopping trip to Lowes to cheer up a gloomy winter day! What do you do for fun? When did you do it last?
Yesterday? Last week? Months ago? Better have some fun today....those tomorrows have a way of going fast. Read a book, bake a pie, make a potroast!
I know what I need.....popcorn balls!


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Highland Hollow said...

Mary Ellen,
I have been thinking about your popcorn balls now that the weather is turning colder! You make the BEST popcorn balls.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Calendars...I used to buy those thickly-printed calendars for the barn to mark breeding dates on. They were too thick. You know the free ones you get to pick up here and there, or are sent to you in the mail? Use those, and a very long nail, and let several years stack up. They're an amazing source of fun information that way too! :-)


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