Tuesday, September 18, 2007

good buys

Wow, isn't it interesting how life pushes you in one direction or another?
Now when I started blogging this morning, I was thinking about my friend Stephen, who had saved a few sheep for someone who backed out of the deal. I had that happen this year too....but I only got stuck with three lambs I had planned to sell. Stephen needs to sell five, now.
My other thought was about my friend, Karen, who is trying to recover from a badly broken arm....and needs to sell off some sheep because frankly...who can handle sheep with one arm in a sling? You can find Stephen's newly released sheep for sale on his blog or web page. He posted a cool list on shetland sheep for sale, too. Because Karen may not be as widely known....I'll post her links. She has some beautiful sheep with great conformation and unusual colors. Maybe if you are really lucky she will sell a spottie too. http://karensshetlands.blogspot.com/ and her web page http://www/.twinbrookfarms.net
Both breeders have fantastic sheep , and prices, and good genetics.
Now, since this morning, I have also decided not to be a sheep hoarder anymore. If you know me, you know I have always had sheep that were mine! They were not for sale to anyone...at any price. I NEEDED them. I kept certain lines of sheep...I kept certain spotted sheep....I always have had my own "special stock" of shetlands. I can tell you the good traits of these sheep and the bad ones....oh yes! My sheep have faults....They are just like most people.
Have you ever laughed about some breeders always selling the best sheep with all the best traits? I'm not into blatant bragging. I love my sheep. They may not be perfect....but I love them anyway. If you are looking for some nice spotted genetics and some nice fleeces....you might like my sheep too. All my ewes are presently for sale....lambs, yearlings...two, three, four and five year olds. Anyone over five deserves a permanant home...so I am keeping them....I am also not selling anyone who can't breed easily. I'm keeping the culls....go figure. I'm keeping everyone who doesn't sell....they may be hungry this winter, but they have a home, and a shepherd who loves them.
I will make up prices based on quantity. If I own them, and they are under five....they are for sale. I'm not going out of business....I will be exposing some of these ewes....and I will sell them exposed....but it's been a rough summer. My sheep are hungry. I have let them all out in the south meadow today. It's the only food that is available and still fenced in. I'm hoping that that big kitty cat is gone for right now....At least we haven't had a kill for over two weeks. How can I expose my ewes and lambs to danger? They really wanted to graze today. Got to run and check on my flock. All you wild cats go away!!!!!


At 9:40 PM, Blogger Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Kitty Kitty needs to go bye bye, and I hope people go look at your beautiful sheep right away, I am MORE than thrilled with the 8 I bought from you this spring! Can we get more? They put the rest of my Shetlands to shame! :-)

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

May all go well with your sheep and your sale. My thoughts are with you.


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