Tuesday, August 07, 2007

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Man, you know how hard it is for a person who lives out as far as I do to start a rumor?
I don't even talk to the mailman.
It's me....Stephen is talking about me!
I misunderstood a note in May...written by Stephen to me, Peeps. It's all my fault.
I'm terribly sad Stephen, if I have caused you any trouble. I really want to make up for my faults.
I must have faults, I have a dragon hanging on my backside.
Did anyone know I have a temper? Well, I would be the first to deny it. But I do.
OK....first, Go check Stephen's blog, you will see that he does indeed have spotted sheep. ...and always will have, because he will contunue to breed for spots!
Actually he IS the main spotted sheep person in the whole continent.
I will be the first to admit....Stephen had many more spotted sheep than I ever did....we just happened to like the same things. And we are, good friends. I love Stephen's spotted sheep....I even still have one, Windsprite.
Did you know that if you put a photo of something on your refrigerator....it comes to you?
I had a picture of Windsprite on my refrigerator all one summer, and Stephen finally decided to sell her. She has been in my flock ever since. These last few years, I haven't bought any sheep from Stephen. Not that it wouldn't be fun. Number one reason, I can't afford Stephen's sheep....anyone's sheep. I'm retired. Second reason, I already HAVE lots of sheep. AND I like the ones I have...
For many reasons, Stephen and I have diverged in the type of Shetland we like. That's a good thing.....we can all find a shetland type we love and want to own. I like my little old-crooked legged, fine boned, long fluffy fleeced spotted shetlands. Stephen likes his spotted Katmogets, I'm sure he breeds other spotted types too and everyone loves his spotted gulmogets. Stephen has made more of a statement in the genes of shetlands than anyone else ever will. Especially me! Just imagine what he has done for those "broken fleeced shetlands", those were the days....huh? Stephen,....now everyone wants one!....It's all because of Stephen and his dreams, he and Bill, and their wonderful personality and love for their sheep. We all do still love them. Even if they now have a concrete sheep on the lawn.
Now for the "mill" I am super glad to hear Stephen is not forsaking the spotted realm of Shetlands. I'm never ever going to out-guess the spotted numbers that will spring from his farm, again. I'm surprised that I had to read his blog to find out he thought I had said a bad thing. If anything, I was more disappointed to find he seemed to like those katmoget fleeces better, but if they are spotted I suppose it's OK. Super crimpy fleeces are the thing right now. For the record....you can all reach me at ctx35770@centurytel.net. In fact, I have heard so many bad things about me lately, it won't bother me to hear more. It can drive me to do the dishes....which in this house is good!
You can also find me dragging my tiny little crooked sheep around the shetland show at Jefferson, and the Naile show in November. I'm proud of what I breed.... You will find me smiling even if in last place, because the sheep I am showing are lovely little sheep. I'm glad to be able to have them on my ranch....even in this dry heat wave. AND I am not going to change what I breed for anyone.
So if you want a spotted lamb go to Michigan....or Minnesota....or New York ....or a number of places around the country.....I hear that Alaska will have some too.....I'll be happy to direct you to the closest breeder that has some. They are just plain darn cute.
Don't even consider coming to Missouri...it's hot and dry down here....I hear Michigan actually has rain.
And if you need a rumor...I'm fresh out.
If you need a friend, I'm available.


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