Thursday, August 02, 2007

brown dragon

Nope, not the name of a sheep.
When I woke up, I remembered a dream. I have a life-long friend who is looking for the next home and it was HER dragon. So I was going to warn her about brown....I was just the one holding it. Really!
Now she tells me it is indeed MY very own dragon. Well I'll be darned if I know where the dragon came from....I usually dream about sheep. Wonder why?
My usual dream is putting sheep into pens and counting or sorting them. Of course it is way easier physically to move sheep around in a dream, than in real life.
Back to my dream. This was a medium sized dragon, and he was cranky. So I had him by the nap of the neck like a keep him from biting me. So if anyone is missing a brown dragon, or sees one heading for the Ozarks....let me know.
Or if you know what the darn dragon wanted to bite me for....I'd like to know about that too.

Pedigree papers. How easy it is when we have some clue what a sheep may be capable of....I had some older lines once. They had island ram and island ewe in many that sure didn't give much of a clue....kind of like tracing an ancestor and coming down to place of birth...Ireland.... But the NASSA papers have lots of information on them. First....where did those sheep genes come from....? Most of the lines of shetlands here in NA came thru Canada....there are some famous flocks....flock 1 is Maple Ridge....lots of sheep originated from their breedings....there was Hoctor....those were "real" sheep they had numbers instead of names. Bramble was number 10....and still going strong....Dayspring was well know for buying anything different....Fletchers bought lots of Dayspring lines and prserved them. I used to call Shannon once a year to find out how a certain ewe was, and what kind of lambs she had...not that I could afford to get sheep from Fletchers....that was too far to travel. Now it seems that sheep are traveling all over the country. As the shetlands take more space in shows I expect that more breeders will also be known for their show shetlands....and these sheep will be going back and forth across the continent even more....Flying!
Second thing to look for is color. Now don't believe every color you see, some breeders had a different color for the names we now know....but you can trace who is a black sheep that may have a recessive brown in their line. You might find lots of modified maybe you could trace a modifier in your sheep from a couple of generations back....Now if you have a black sheep out of two black could still find a mioget that was passed down from great don't give up and just breed to black....Spots are a recessive won't know for sure until you test breed for modified and spots....
I wanted to mention our famous sheep photographer, has just pulled herself out of a difficult situation and bought her own farm. Way to go girl! Some life happenings are so personal, that we, as women tend to retreat. We are wounded....It is so nice to see a woman who can take life and even her home back, and pull it all together in such a short time. I'm pretty impressed Nancy, Good for you.


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Highland Hollow said...

Interesting dream. I love dragons, need to find a book on dreams and what they mean. Was it a spotted dragon? Can't wait to see you at Jefferson.

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Nancy K. said...

Thank you Mary Ellen. Was it a SHORT time? It seemed like a life time to me!

It appears I have slayed my dragon....

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Highland Hollow said...


To see a dragon in your dream, signifies that you let yourself get carried away by your passion.

In the eastern cultures, dragons are seen as spiritual creatures symbolizing good luck and fortune.

This is what I found on the Internet for dreams with dragons in them.

lots of websites on dreams.

Miss you, especially this time of year.


ps Nancy, you have slayed your dragon and it didn't even take you all that long, really. You did GREAT.

At 6:52 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

Just remember, Peeps, you did have the Dragon by the nape of the neck - so on some level you're still in charge, even if he did try to nip at you.

He's a great symbol - let me know when you figure it all out!

Your "Old Shoe" pal in NJ


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