Sunday, July 22, 2007


It is summer in the south....there are bugs. I am tired of bugs....mostly beetles, flies, and spiders..
Good grief....I could use a freeze....aren't bugs supposed to have a short life? Why don't they go away already? I don't mind the dragonflies and's the little things that are tiring.
Like dumping the bugs out of the water buckets.
There are bugs in my weaning program too. Donna one of my first eight wants her ram lamb back....yesterday she baaed so long that I let her in their pasture....I thought she would want to get right back out because all the hungry ram lambs in the field came running to "bug" the ewe. I let her out so she could go across the creek to join the other ewes...and before she could get there her little brat baaed at poor donna is bellowing for him to come out too.
You might notice how unusual it is for me to call a sheep by a person's name....the year I bought donna....she was one of my first three sheep....the breeder used a theme of naming the ewe lambs after the spinners in the group. I still have kitty too....the sheep, not the spinner. I haven't tackled her ram lamb yet....I know she will be bellowing too.
One of my personal stock is named snowwhite...she is a dayspring panda daughter...and I knew I wanted to keep I thought I would use nursery names. Her black twin is cinderella....she is mine too. She hasn't bred for two years....I'm not sure why....and she likes to dive into the grain bucket too....but she is mine..... Snowwhite had her twin rams weaned four times. This morning I heard a frantic ewe...she was running the length of the fence....baaing madly. I couldn't believe it...she was back again frantically trying to get in with her of them doesn't seem to care anymore and just stays down in the pasture eating. But snowwhite is sure the sky will fall unless she has her boys. Yaaah....I gave in again....I'm not very strict. It's summer, and she may have a full or hot udder. It's easier to let her have her lambs back than to have her get sick.
I hope you are all having a nice summer day...and there aren't too many bugs.
Check out my blog links....Our best shepherd photographer has a blog on trimming off the fleece mats.....really neat blog, Nancy. Since Nancy doesn't live closer, and I don't sell fleeces anyway....I let my sheep wear off their fleece mats scratching on trees....I wish they wouldn't get under the cedar trees, but that's what happens when you live in the woods, and have to claim pasture land. At least they have lots of shade.


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