Friday, August 03, 2007

what are your dreams?

Isn't this interesting,
so many folks
wanting to talk about
What is so fascinating about dreams is that they try to solve things that you wouldn't even consider in your waking life.
Do you have re-occuring types of dreams?
Do you have little houses and little undiscovered rooms filled with colorful treasures?
I've done that too.
I did have another dream that I was awakened I remember it.
It had finally started to I wish it would.
And, the roof was leaking....again problem if we could just get rain.
There were big puddles of water on the floor, and things were getting piled on top of furniture to keep them dry.
However, there was a bamboo basket which had already fallen apart from being wet.
Now the pieces of bamboo were wiggling around and bubbling in the puddle as I swept it out the door.
So, my mind may be trying to solve a mystery for me that I am not even aware of.
What could it be?....the wriggling bamboo was brown.....more non-color....more muddy meanings.
Clear as mud.
Did you know that your mind can also solve your waking problems if you ask it?
Since spirit lives in eternity and can see without the constraints of can ask questions of yourself about the future.
I did intuitive readings about our new home in Wisconsin....since then our old home....but they were unfailingly accurate. Even to the giant windmill on the same highway, and the smell of corned-beef and cabbage from the purina plant on the river.
Now, I'm not telling you that your intuition or your dreams will be crystal clear....but
You will with practice learn the "code" you put into your dreams.
I often dream about leaky roofs.....wonder what that means?
I actually LET the sheep out into the sahara today. Half of them followed me to the meadow...but the other half refused to even consider going out there. They just stood baaing over the fence, until I relented.
Since there is no rain, the sahara won't recover anyway. May as well let them grab what is left on the ground. At least they stopped baaing to open more bales of hay. Going out to find some more sheep feed today. Looks like we'll need more protein again,
Peeps in the southland with a heat warning for the next week.


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