Thursday, December 07, 2006

winter comes to missouri

We had heard that Missouri had ice storms....but had never been in one in the two years we have lived here. In some places the ice was some places there was no ice....We were as I mentioned, lucky.
We traveled west from our valley for an hour. going to the nearest wally-world. There were hundreds and hundreds of trees that had been cut out of the road. That's just the ones that happened to fall in the road. And....they have snow....not just a dusting...not just a couple of inches....but mounds of snow!
That's what I came here to avoid. There were snow piles in the parking lots and corners of the streets higher than the looked like the piles that remain in the big lots in the spring up north. I would be sooooo depressed if we had snow on the ground. They all mentioned that the snow was deeper north of there.....I was glad we had no reason to go north!
We hurried back to our greenish valley thankful that wew didn't have more damage to the woods....and happy the sheep could still graze. Yes, I still have a couple of round bales sitting out there in the pasture....but the girls spend most of their days looking for fresh blades of grass to munch. If we had inches of snow on the ground....I would be in trouble.
Yesterday we traveled is two hours to Cape Girardeau....there was some ice damage to trees, but nothing like the snow adventure to the west. We spent the day doing Christmas shopping.....keep the credit cards away from me....I am a dangerous woman in a shopping mall. Fortunately we don't get to shop in real stores very often.
Today it is a windy cold day....I think if piglet were here he would be hanging up in a tree....a good day to watch the sheep from the window.
May you all enjoy the holiday spirit,


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