Friday, October 27, 2006


Yes, folks....we ARE having weather. We had 5 inches of rain last week, and between the rains yesterday and over-night we have three more inches.
We have a rock in the pond that we measure the water level against. If the rock is under water, we are OK...if the rock is high and it has been most of the year, we need rain. This morning, the rock is under water.
But the interesting thing is that I don't see or hear the creeks running. Where has all that water gone, I wonder?
I spent most of yesterday out in the rain, covering hay bales and making rain shelters for the breeding pens. I even put up black plastic between Spots pen and the next pen. Last year Spots broke out of his own pen and broke into Cinder's pen because one of the ewes was breeding. So now I have two areas of black plastic duck-taped to the fences.
I will say these rains have put a stop to any halter training....I can't pull little ewes from the flock in pouring rains. I don't want them sick next week. So I am waiting a day or so to let them dry out before I stress them.

These are a couple of ram lambs hiding in the trees instead of being halter trained. Oh my sheep aren't perfect. Hopefully they will get to Kentucky anyway.


At 5:27 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

Why would they be going to Kentucky? Is there a special show there? How far is it from your place - western KY isn't too far, I suppose. We used to live in Carbondale, IL after all... You even came to visit us there - remember when? Our sons were young and small - that's telling in + of itself!


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