Monday, October 16, 2006


wow, must be the political season...folks are sure pushing for others to agree and accept their point of view.
Lest you start to worry about holding your wild shetland ewe still while you measure her twice and then get out your calculator to weigh her.
Does anyone have ANY idea how much effort it takes to run down a shetland ewe who knows you want to catch her?
Hey, I will be the first one to admit that is an awsome idea....but, I have a life....I can't spend weeks doing it....even though I admire those who will.
Or, heaven forbid.... I start to see breeders shaving their lambs legs to get ready for a show....don't laugh, I know some folks already shape their tails...
I had a yearling ewe do that this spring....she ate the tip off because it was a different color than the rest of the tail. the point....pun....did you catch it?

Anyway, I wanted to inject a bit of humor into the serious discussions. "It's right here, in can't do that! Listen to me.".....I'm the boss/leader of the free world....anyway you put it, it HAS to make you think.
Does the person telling you that your sheep are too fat, too thin, too tall, too short.....too non-breed standard.....have any, ANY idea what you are breeding and why? Have they walked your flock, feeling fleeces...checking legs....measuring tails? Well then, don't get too excited. Some people just need to have their say. Look at me....I blog. According to fox and friends I am one of the "looney left bloggers". Also off the point.

Some folks like to me! Use your own judgement....don't believe everything the far right tells you.....opps.....the "sheepy experts" tell you. It's one's one point of's one's one moment in time...whatever the argument won't start a won't stop a war....

I think you are a good shepherd....I think you breed good sheep. I'm not worried about your tails...I know you are trying to make them better each time you breed. I am not worried about your ewe's weight....I know you are trying to feed them the best you can find. I'm not even worried about their legs....if they have wool or don't have's way down there on the they trip on it? Catch barbed wire in it? ...maybe then it is a little on it OK?
But don't give me a lot of garbage about everyone raising cookie-cutter shetland sheep. These genetics are what we got.... we have done the best we can with them.....and seriously, there have been a few things I don't like about this AI stuff....but I don't preach against want to do that to your ewes.... go ahead...they are your ewes, I have plenty of ewes of my own to worry about !

I want to remind you to for your choice of NASSA board members. Have you put the nassa news down somewhere...go find it. There are very few breeders who bother to fill out the ballot and send it in....your vote will count in the NASSA election.
Now, I can't guarantee your vote will count in the November elections in your state....but it's all you can do to voice the way you think the states, the congress,...the world...and the war is going.
I don't care if you vote against me, just vote....ignore what your church, your president, your newspaper, your talk radio host, tells you to do....think for yourself, and vote. It is your RIGHT and it is your OBLIGATION.
If the free world is going to continue to exist....we need to worry about the direction it is going and try to shape that direction.

Now seriously, aren't you glad I'm not coming out to check your sheepy legs for wool?


At 1:53 PM, Blogger Pat's Place said...

How interesting...shepherds fight over their own "rules" just like everyone else. Somehow I think of shepherds as gentle but hardy folks, independent and mostly self-sufficient. While I don't want to be a shepherd, I like the gentel, hardy, independent and self-sufficiency that they represent for me. Of course, there's always that "Good Shepherd" image, too - but even that has been tainted...

SO I'll go out and vote next month and continue to hold a positive attitude. That's the best I can do. And it's enough.

Keep up the good work, Girlfriend.


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