Sunday, October 01, 2006

pitching in together

Looking for sheep?
Want something special?
You realize that all breeders keep a few lambs for their "private stock".....if they have lots of lambs they will be selling some that are special....but you have to know that in order to improve our own flocks, we either have to buy someone better from another breeder....or we have to keep someone better that resulted from our own breeding. I start out after spring lambing with several lambs that are reserved for my "private stock" the summer goes on, I may add a few based on friendliness....or fleece.
This year I got a note from someone "needing" some friendly lambs, and I gave them the opportunity to buy some of my friendliest ewe lambs. I miss them, but figure they will get more attention in a smaller flock. As fall goes on I find myself offering some ram lambs that were reserved by me earlier this year. I have a certain pride in selling a new client a really good ram lamb, so some of my "private stock" may wind up for sale.
All this leads up to our dear friend Stephen, who recently lost his best friend and fellow shepherd.
I want to thank publically, Bill Stearman, who came down from Canada to help Stephen do his falll chores. A very good friend indeed. And also Heather Ludlam, who went in to Stephen's flock to give him another person to help downsize his flock.
Now, what I want you to do is go look at Stephen's list of sheep for sale. You all know Stephen has kept a big flock. He has a large flock with some great lines. And now they are for sale!
This is another opportunity to find exactly the sheep you need for your own flock. There will be others buying, and perhaps you can find some way to hitch-hike your new sheep across the midwest to your flock. Everyone could benefit from these sheep being redistributed. The genetics can only improve the breed by having a little influence other smaller flocks. I personally know of many F-1's and many spotted wonders presently living with Stephen....
We will all someday need to down-size or dispose of our own flocks.....this should be a priority for our fellow breeders....making sure good sheep can find a good home.
Oh boy, got to go look at some sale sheep!


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