Wednesday, October 11, 2006

cute sheep stories.

This is a story from a new client. Angela bought some ewe lambs this fall, for her new flock....several were my "special pets". You-know....the ones you plan to keep forever, because they are sooo friendly. She wrote me this week with this story:

The girls are doing well, I added a ewe lamb from Tammy Powell in Windyville, and all are getting along. We put some of the overcrowded chickens in the barn, to eat dropped grain, and be "real" chickens. The day we did that, it poured buckets about 30 minutes after putting the chickens out. The chickens didn't know where to go for shelter, so I brought them into the barn. Then Kiva took over. She (and Hot Pepper) would get as close to the chickens as they could; when the chickens squawked an alarm, she froze into position and wagged her tail at the chickens until they quieted down. When the birds were silent, the lambs advanced slowly until the chickens squawked and so on. Finally, the chickens kept quiet and still under the lamb's hot pasture breath. The next day, just before sundown, Kiva patiently rounded up the chickens and herded them into the barn. Three times. Finally the chickens settled into a corner to sleep, and Kiva laid down curled around them, with one snuggled up against her.

Just thought you would enjoy the story.
Take care,

I got another story from another one of our shepherds too:

Here is my most recent "cute" sheep story, though only a shepherd would see it as cute.

One of my older shetlands, Grettle, is a real pet and likes to lean on me etc. She had a long labor this spring and I ended up so worried about her that I sat with her in the barn. She was huge and after quite a bit of straining (while laying down) she had a giant bag of water sticking out the appropriate area. Then she groaned and strained and the water burst. It must have been a huge relief because she immediately jumped up and spun around and started checking the ground in excitement. I felt so bad because she obviously thought that she was done and her lambs was here! Then, when she sniffed around frantically and couldn't find the lamb, she started glaring at me. If looks could kill! I think she thought I had stolen her lamb, she nudged at me and made all kinds of noise, obviously angry with me. She then went back to her spot and ignored me completely. She did finally have her lamb, but then she would hardly let me near it (I had already stolen one, remember?). I have seen lots and lots of lambs born but this was honestly the first time I have ever seen one who mistakenly thought she was already done and who showed such sincere disapointment over it. Becca

Thanks everyone for the burst of just reinforces why we all love our sheep.


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