Sunday, September 24, 2006

there's more

Wait, I have more rams....and lots more ewes.
Hopalong....he is a medium size, ok horns, shorter crimpy fleece...moorit yuglet sokket. Hopalong has grown the body weight to take over as head ram in the meadow....he reminds me of a bulldozer...just puts his head down and runs....and everyone tries to get out of his way.
Buttons....also head ewe. Buttons hates to be cooped up, so I can't just put her in the breeding pen. She will announce to me that she is ready, and will go in with her ram and want out the next day. Last year was her first year with hopalong. She had a lovely single after her night of passion. Tiara, was every bit the queen. She was a lovely yuglet sokket bielset in musket. I believe Buttons to be AgAg....I have never gotten a solid from her. I could not question the fleece, the conformation or the markings in that pairing, so this year I will wait for buttons to give me the signal, and walk her over to hopalong's pen.
Miss muffet. An AgAaBBBb yuglet flecket in grey from Buttons. Miss muffet has the same wonderful fleece as her dam, and the same spotting ability. This year with hopalong she had a yuglet sokket ewe in moorit, and a smirslet flecket ram in black. Although both were quite petit, I couldn't ask for a better set of lambs. good horns, good tails, great markings. Miss muffet will go back in with hopalong.
A full sister to muffet, but a year younger, thimble is a yuglet sokket in musket. This year with hopalong she had twin rams both pretty much yuglet sokkets, one Ag one Aa....I'm thinking her lambs were pretty small....but Thimble is pretty small. I'll try again this year and watch her food intake better.
Curlylocks. A yuglet flecket in grey....wonderful fleece....she is very short. She is a daughter to muffet.
This spring curly locks had twin rams with hopalong. Both yuglets, one a sokket in black and a flecket in grey. Both these boys are on my list for the naile show....I just can't seem to decide between them. I prefer the horns and fleece on the flecket, but prefer the conformation and coloring on the sokket. Tune in next week I have to decide.
Thinking about curly locks boys....I would have to let her try again with hopalong....I would have prefered bigger lambs....but curly locks has short legs, and is a tiny girl. Go for it, Curly!
Viola, is a daughter of mcgyver.....she carries spotting, and has produced it with hopalong. Last season I put her in with an viola is either emsket or shaela....I wound up pulling him, and Viola was bred by a moorit. Her twin rams show no spotting, so this year she goes back with I liked her lambs with him better.
Polka....a lovely yuglet flecket, Polka was from the last set of triplets from Pandemonium. She has scurs, bright black on her white head they give her small frame a dramatic look. She had her first lamb, a yuglet sokket ewe, and took on mothering a second little black ewe too. She is a good mom, and still keeps her lambs close. I will mention that she is a good example of why I don't believe all the hype about hst. Otherwise there would be headlines: flecket gives birth to perfect hst....?! She can go back in with Hopalong and we will see what she has. of riding hoods lambs, rapunzel is a yuglet bielset, sokket....she has a thick fleece, and I haven't microned it....but she seems to be a black sheep with a brown I call her shetland black....this is not sun bleaching. She is that way all the way down to her skin. I put her in with hopalong last year, but she didn't breed as a yearling. We will see if he can convince her this season.
And at the bottom of this list is Crissy...registered as her markings, not her name, she is a black sponget....why the registry would assume anyone was calling their little ewe lamb "black sponget" is beyond me. Crissy is actually a big girl, I bought her as a yearling. She has a crimpy single coated fleece, which is now greyish brownish...shaela colored. I like what her rams do for fleeces. Crissy bred with hopalong last season and had a lovely petite yuglet bielset sokket ewe lamb....what do folks do to get all those markings on one line? It's all I can do to put yuglet sokket in that little my sheep don't have multiple marking names....besides the registry is always sending me back sheets saying they can't read my writing. The twin she had is a moorit yuglet flecket ram....he looks like he has shoes on his feet. His horns are doing well for crissy rams....she has this funny genetics for horns....they seem to come straight back, and they are that tea cup type too....little curls...but way off the face....which is good because I am still using a couple of her boys .
That's it for another breeding pen! Eight girls for Hopalong. Isn't it nice to kind of know what the breeding pairs might have?


At 4:01 PM, Blogger Elaine said...

Hello! I live in Central Arkansas and have been looking for some Shetland sheep. You don't happen to have any for sale, do you?


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