Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day one Northwind

Mark your calendars....this may be the one and only time you see a price like this on a Windswept ewe. Yes, if you look at her face...this is a spotted ewe. She is registered as blettet...but I think you would agree at this point she is a smirslet. Northwind has given me a yuglet flecket ewe in moorit and white....yes, she carries spotting strongly....I would say AaAaBBBbSSSs....simply because I don't register head spots as Ss.

This is a Northstar should be carrying at least one R....that also makes her a Jacobson granddaughter. You are pretty close to the top of the spotted ladder here.
Northwind was born in she just turned 5 years old. She is a daughter of Sheltering Pines Precipitation....who is now in Canada....having lovely lambs. Northwind is also a grand daughter of Wind River Windsor...another son of Jacobson. also Windsor carrys we could have R on both sides here....I don't know what Precipitation carries.

Aside from that, Northwind had a ewe lamb this year who looked exactly like her. Her yuglet flecket daughter had twin hst ewes....I do plan to breed her daughter, and since I have too many ewes to breed.....this is your chance to own a piece of spotted history. I don't feel her age is against her, since I got twins from Dayspring Panda at age 11....and triplets from Pandemonium at age 9.....I think I bought both of those girls at an age older than 5.
Northwind was born black...I would say she aged to a black iset....her tail looks OK....she is solid, and a good mom. Northwind isn't really friendly....her daughter, Whirlwind, isn't friendly either...but she is one of the best moms I saw this year....always knowing where her lambs were.
Northwind's daughter has already been sold....and I think she is a little lonely.
I am not sure about you folks out there in the voluntary scrapie program....? Northwind is tagged from Windswept......I'm guessing that makes her different than if she was born at my farm. You could check your facts before you bid.

On the subject of bidding....Northwind is priced at $60.00 today on day excuse not to have one of the best spotting lines in shetland history.
Thanks for watching the auction....and yes, she is day two at midnight tonight.


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