Friday, July 07, 2006

ewe dutch auction...begins

WELCOME to.....Day one of my newest extra ewe dutch auction.
I would like to start with someone simple...but I have a few folks looking over my list first.
So I'm going to start with a tough one.

Taffy, odd color, dam is Cottoncandy...who carrys a modifier, and is recessive for spots. Cottoncandy was born a warm black...whatever that means. Taffy has a nice blaze on her forehead....she is a registered smirslet. Her sire , Marina Mist...out of Sheltering Pines Darius, and Maple Ridge Marina.
Marina is or was...quite is Taffy.
Taffy had a nice moorit ram this year....he does have moonspots , if you have heard of those....He has a longer wavey fleece....and good horns, which I would expect with Darius in her pedigree. Taffy's son, sprinkles, has a fleece that feels really soft to my hand. Taffy also feels soft to the touch....her grand sire from Sheepy Hollow had one of the softest fleeces we have ever of the reasons I kept her.
Taffy was born a black in 2004....that makes her two this past spring. Cotton candy has a longer tail than I like...Taffy has one shorter than her dam...but perhaps is a little long. She is blocky and pretty friendly. She doesn't run from me...but shys away if I pet her under the chin.
Although born a black...Taffy is now maybe shaela..she doesn't look iset....because her fleece doesn't seem to have longer white hairs, but that is an option.
She had a daughter in 05....and a single son in 06...she may be a size that prefers to have singles....Too soon to establish that as a fact.
Now that I took photos...sorry camera ran out of batteries...I'll get some more shots for day two....she doesn't really have a long tail...I doubt it is over 5 least not over 6. She does have a lot of white on the top of her head, it is on her nose...and some also on her neck...a good example of a smirslet. You might be able to see in these photos, she has a brownish cast to the wool by her neck and on her rump. I would say small, compact and blocky.
I am in Missouri, I am close to the Arkansas border....but I do have things to do in Minnesota and Wisconsin this summer....I am registered for the AGM in Indiana....I hope to go to the november show in Kentucky. So transpots through Iowa and Illinois is not out of the question....but please remember I am not making 200 dollars on any of these ewes...and gas will be high this summer.

I'm going to start her out....she is already $60.00......not a bad price for a shetland who is a proven mom....AaAaBBBbSSSs...I don't consider head spots to be Ss....I can't tell you if she carrys a modifier...but her dam does.
This is Saturday day one....Wednesday, is the last day to consider Taffy for sale. In the meantime....if you are looking for a new ewe...her price goes down every day....tune in tomorrow.



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